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Basement Waterproofing & Contracting

Basements aren’t just great for storage; they are also the foundation of a home. They add a ton of square footage, and they are the perfect place for jobs that need to be accomplished away from prying eyes. But what happens when that space isn’t useful anymore because of moisture seeping in from the outside? Even worse, what happens when the foundation to a home is compromised? You can’t just surrender it to the dampness. That’s where we come in. Our basement waterproofing company has the experience and training that can dry out even the wettest basements.

Some houses are damp due to poor soil drainage or from a high water table. Even though it is not from anything the homeowner is doing wrong, there are a few solutions in correcting a home that wasn’t built optimally. Our highly qualified basement waterproofing Long Island team can assure you that your basement functions the way you want it to. We can rid the dampness from your house, so that mold and mildew stop infecting the area. We can promptly and securely get the basement and your home’s foundation to the way you know it should be. If you’re sick of water ruining your belongings and rendering your basement useless, we can help. Our basement waterproofing Long Island company knows how to promptly lock out moisture. Our goal is to give you back your basement as a functioning part of your home, all while increasing the value of your property.


Locking out moisture is one of the first steps to finishing your basement so that it can be converted to an apartment or any other kind of added living space. Our skilled technicians have the ability to waterproof your interior and/or exterior walls so that moisture has no way of coming into your home. It doesn’t even matter if you live in a flood zone or if your basement wasn’t insulated correctly to begin with. Either way, as the basement waterproofing Long Island homeowners rely on, we can help. Our team only uses the latest technology and tools, along with methods that are proven to work. As a homeowner, there are many options to choose from, depending on how you want the project completed. Our basement waterproofing Long Island team can go as far as excavating the exterior walls to install a waterproof coating, or we can do something less invasive and lay down a penetrating sealant inside. No matter what the goals are for your basement, and depending on a few other variables, there are many options you have to choose from that we will explain during the home consultation and evaluation.

Waterproofing your basement isn’t just purely functional. It also provides an attractive, finished appearance to the interior walls. Our basement waterproofing Long Island company knows how to finish the seal so that it adds beauty to your home. So stop neglecting the foundation to your home. Don’t just let it crumble away one drop at a time. Instead, keep your home and family healthy while preventing structural damage to your investment. Give us a call so that our customer representatives can explain even more benefits of waterproofing your home.